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Barking Tuna Web Design Launches Website For Cindy Gleason Financial Coach

Designed in the Flat Design style and making use of single-page parallax scrolling, Barking Tuna Web Design has recently redesigned a website for…

Barking Tuna Web Design Launches New Website for Monolith Group Development and ZZone Construction

Barking Tuna Web Design was contracted by long-time commercial real estate developer, Tony Ardizzone, to redesign his websites for Monolith Group…

Barking Tuna Web Design Launches New Website for Extra Self-Storage

Barking Tuna Web Design launches a new website for Extra Self Storage; a Northern California and Northern Nevada self-storage operator with 11…

Barking Tuna Web Design Launches New Website For Remodiko... An Arizona Kitchen Remodeling Company

Barking Tuna Web Design launches new website for Peoria, Arizona based Remodiko... a high-end kitchen contractor specializing in new & custom builds…

Barking Tuna Web Design launches website for WITMA Media Group, LLC; corporate parent for early stage tech startup WITMA

WITMA Media Group, LLC is the corporate parent of the newly formed technology startup, WITMA... a unique new business platform bringing musical…

UX vs SEO... how to strike a happy balance

How do you manage User Experience (UX) and SEO effectively in the same space. Moz's Rand Fishkin lends some great insight into how to balance the two… Finds Emails at any Domain and Suggests the Email Pattern Most Often Used

Have you ever needed an email address, taken to Google, and come up empty handed? EmailHunter takes things a step further and gets the job done and…

Two Apps/Extensions That Fill in The Blanks in Your Contacts

I recently discovered 2 incredibly useful and feature rich Apps/Extensions, FullContact &, that immediately went to work discovering…

Apr / 20 / 2016

Local SEO Myths: Fact vs Fiction

It's hard to stay on top of all the changes much less sift through fact vs. fiction when it comes to what we "hear" about local listings and…

Barking Tuna Web Design launches website for the Children of The Doolittle Raiders

Just in time for the 74th anniversary of the Doolittle Raid that took place on April 18th, 1942, we're proud to launch a new website for the Children…

Apr / 07 / 2016

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers

List of some of the best time saving Google Chrome extensions for Social Media Marketers

Apr / 06 / 2016

Produce Income With Your Tax Refund

Have a Tax Refund coming your way? Websites are the least expensive, most effective long-term sales tool in your arsenal. Contact Barking Tuna Web…

Mar / 18 / 2016

Navigating Local Search listings and updates for your Business

Google+, Google+ Local, or Google Maps... what's the story? You're a business that benefits from local search traffic... how do you check and maintain…

Mar / 04 / 2016

A Business Without A Website Is Like A Man Without A Face!

It's time... time to get with the program. There's no point in sugar coating things. Your Business depends on every competitive edge. If you don't…

Mar / 04 / 2016

How To Avoid Google's Website Over-Optimization Penalty

Google has openly warned SEOs and businesses in general that they intend to penalize over-optimized websites in the near future. A great article from…

Mar / 04 / 2016

Why Hire a Professional Web Designer

I get this question all of the time... Why should I hire a professional web designer? Here's a serious yet somewhat tongue and cheek look at some of…

Mar / 04 / 2016

When The Advantages Of Social Media Work To Your Detriment

Social media can be advantageous and detrimental to your public image both personally and professionally. Find out what you can do to manage your…

Mar / 04 / 2016

Human Behavior And Conversions

Originally posted on, May 15th, 2012 - Posted by Gregory Ciotti to Conversion Rate Optimization section (Link to original article) I…

Mar / 04 / 2016

Use The To Track Your Google Analytics Accounts Against Google Penguin & Panda Updates

Have you noticed a hiccup in your website's traffic? It could have been affected by any one of the many Google Penguin & Panda algorithm updates. Use…

TCU Ringtones | Alma Mater | Fight Song

Here are some TCU songs I found for FREE on the Froglinks website. Download them here or go to the…

Mar / 04 / 2016

Barking Tuna SEO Cheatsheet

List of fundamental SEO elements and strategies to build a solid foundation