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You need a mobile-ready, search engine optimized website to compete today. Barking Tuna helps small to medium sized local businesses be found in search engine results through search engine optimization, local listing optimization, and content marketing; all built on an open source, intuitive and easy to use Content Management System that will grow with your business.

3.5 Seconds

You have approx 3.5 seconds to get the attention of a visitor... does your current website measure up?

Small Business & Self Storage websites

Barking Tuna Web Design develops websites for small business, self storage facilities, and other small to medium sized companies. We create easy to use, easy to understand, & easy to modify websites in a user friendly CMS called Concrete5 tailored around your brand and branding message.

You won't rent your website from us like you will with the website in a box companies. Your website is designed to bring customers to your business!

We utilize industry best practices and our design packages come with what most "SEO" firms charge extra for. Barking Tuna creates a rock solid SEO foundation that you can expand on at no additional charge. Our visually appealing websites combine proper SEO techniques with intelligent and effective copy. With less than 4 seconds to make an impression, a well optimized website has an immediate impact...

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Client Reviews

I highly recommend James Appleton of Barking Tuna Web Design for any and all of your website needs. James did work for me while I was President with the Rise and Conquer Foundation. During the time we worked together he made a huge impact on our Foundations branding. He gave us a much more professional look, while mixing style and innovation to promote our website. James ability to revamp the look of any website, along with his knowledge and skill with content and search engines will produce a positive increase in the traffic drive and visual appearance for your customers. In addition to having excellent Marketing and Webmaster skills, James is a great team player. His ability to take your ideas and turn them into reality, while also providing some of the best one on one customer service is a standard all companies should live by. I would highly recommend James Appleton of Barking Tuna for any and all of your website needs.
Jeremy Hughes